Trump wants to visit Pittsburgh after attack

Three days after the devastating attack on Jewish believers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, US President Donald Trump plans to visit the city this Tuesday.

The president will be accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders announced. Both wanted to express the support of the American people and mourn the people of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Trump told Fox News on Monday night about his visit: “I just want to pay tribute. I will also go to the hospital to visit the police and some of the people who have been so badly injured. “

Trump is not only received there with open arms. Some members of the city’s Jewish community, as well as other Trump’s critics, accuse the president of inciting hatred in society and co-sponsoring outbreaks of violence such as those in Pittsburgh. Trump in turn gave the media a complicity.

In his interview with Fox News, Trump renewed his criticism of media that he claims to spread “Fake News”. Trump means that media report critically about him and what he calls “enemies of the people”. Criticizing his recently openly propagated nationalism, the US president rejected. “I’m proud of this country and that’s what I call nationalism,” he said. “I see no other association in it.”

On Saturday, a 46-year-old right-wing extremist in the “Tree of Life” synagogue shot and killed eleven people between the ages of 50 and 97 years. It is, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the most serious anti-Semitic crime in US history.

The alleged assassin of Pittsburgh was brought before a judge on Monday. Prosecutor Scott Brady said the man is now in detention. Previously, the 46-year-old had been in hospital after being injured during his arrest. For Thursday another court date is scheduled. The man is charged with 29 crimes, including murder in eleven cases. According to Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions, he may face the death penalty.

Sanders called the attack a “mass murder” and an “act of evil.” She added, “Anti-Semitism is a plague for humanity.” Sanders pointed out that Trump appreciated American Jews and even had Jews in his family. That’s how Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, descended from Holocaust survivors.

Before the attack on the synagogue another man had sent numerous letter bombs to Trump critics. The two incidents have stirred up the country – just days before the major US congressional elections. Critics accuse Trump of using his rhetoric not only to split, but also to radicalize parts of society.

Also from the Jewish Community of Pittsburgh come such allegations. In an open letter, members of the Pittsburgh Jewish organization “Bend the Arc” wrote that Trump was not welcome in the city unless he clearly condemned right-wing extremism and stopped attacking refugees, migrants, and minorities. They accused Trump of inciting people to do such things. The Washington Post reported that more than 30,000 people had signed the letter.

Jeffrey Myers, Rabbi of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, told CNN that Trump was welcome. Myers said he was a US citizen and Trump was his president.

Sanders vehemently rejected the allegations against her boss. Trump will continue to show differences in political debate and resist when attacked. It was outrageous to blame Trump for the recent incidents. “The president is not responsible for these acts.”

Trump himself blamed the media for the development. “There is great anger in our country, caused in part by erroneous and even fraudulent media coverage,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The fake news media, the true enemies of the people, must stop showing open and obvious hostility and report properly and fairly.” This would help to do something about anger and violence and ensure cohesion.

Just a few days before the Pittsburgh attack, a suspect had been arrested who had kept the United States in suspense by sending tube bombs to prominent opposition politicians. Corresponding envelopes had sent the 56-year-old about to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – both Democrats. The investigators rated at least a portion of the total of 14 intercepted shipments as dangerous.

On Monday, another suspicious envelope appeared, addressed to the CNN television station in Atlanta. The package had been intercepted in advance at a post office and is similar to the other suspicious shipments, the station reported. Already last week, one of the programs was addressed to CNN in New York, which led to the eviction of a large office building in which the transmitter has its New York headquarters.

The man who reportedly sent the dangerous packages was also presented to a judge on Monday for the first time since his arrest – in Florida. According to US media reports in his case for Friday another court date is scheduled.

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