Paris Notre-Dame: The world mourns – Trump provides with erase tips for shaking his head

Architecturally, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which lasted from 1163 to 1345, is one of the earliest Gothic buildings of all and the most visited tourist attraction in Paris (around 13 million visitors a year). In 1804 Napoléon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor of the French and shortly before that, in the years 1792 to 1802, during the French Revolution, the cathedral was closed, statues and metal objects were destroyed. The revolutionaries wanted to demolish the church. This was prevented by the Parisians.

Paris Notre Dame: Macron and Merkel spokesman tweet emotionally

In the evening  the myth was in flames . The world is shocked. French President Emmanuel Macron has canceled an important televised speech because of the brand. “I am sad that tonight I have to see this part of us all burning,” Macron tweeted.

Notre Dame burns in Paris: Donald Trump gives tips

And from the US, Donald Trump gave tips: “To see so horribly the huge fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, perhaps flying water tankers can be used to extinguish it. This caused many people to shake their heads. The French civil defense responded to Trump and made it clear now that the force of the water masses could bring down the entire church building.

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