$ 44 million for Usher songwriters

A songwriter from Philadelphia receives $ 44 million in compensation for overriding the proceeds of a hit for R & B singer Usher.

This was reported by the “Philadelphia Inquirer” following a court ruling and an agreement between the parties last week.

Daniel Marino had written the title “Club Girl” with two other musicians before Usher released it in 2004 on his album “Confessions” under the title “Bad Girl”.¬†Marino wrote guitar chords and tempo while his colleagues contributed beats and lyrics.

Although the trio had agreed to share revenue on the song, Marino was secretly ignored when a staff member of Usher contacted them about the title.

Usher is one of the most successful R & B singers.¬†Particularly well known are his titles “Yeah!”, “Burn” and “U Got It Bad”.

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